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 Buying Property

Buying property abroad is today one of the most reliable and profitable ways to invest money. Buying a house in Uruguay, you not only get the opportunity to spend holidays and vacations on the beach in excellent conditions, but also provides a certain financial guarantees.
In this case, buying a property abroad - rather laborious process, requiring special expertise in this area. To avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend you use the services of professionals.
To this end, we have a group of leading experts in the field of real estate. UPC - your reliable partner when buying a prestige property in Uruguay.
Property Management
We can help you maintain your property. Special staff will see to it that your house has remained in its original form - we'll pool cleaning, we trace the plants on the site, and do general repair, if necessary.
You can also leave us in possession of the keys to the house. In the event that will come your friends or relatives, we can give them the keys.
Rental Property
The web site presents a few examples of style and design of the offered opportunities. At your request, we will be able to pick up detailed portfolio of properties that interest you and list prices. Our experts will gladly advise you on various issues.
Legal support of transactions with real estate:
Verification of documents and legal purity of the transaction under a contract of sale;
Verification of the property for any defects in construction;
Representation in the competent organizations on the registration documents for a property in your name.
Translation services for documents
Professional advice on tax legislation of Uruguay
Banking Support
Emigration assistance