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 In recent years, one of the most popular destinations for real estate acquisition is Uruguay, which has a favorable visa regime with the majority of countries, including countries of the Schengen agreement. 

The main advantage is that in Uruguay do not have to pay taxes on personal income, and therefore individuals are not required to file tax returns. 
Uruguay - is: 
- The most politically peaceful and secure country in South America. 
- Extremely fresh air 
- The country's subtropical climate is moderate: the heat is transferred easily due to the cool ocean breezes and the winters are short and mild 
- Resorts with good taste, fashion and elegance 
- Nature, abounding in contrast colors stunning beaches, forests and flowers. 
- Recreation for all tastes: quiet and peaceful or active - casinos, night clubs, many bars, windsurfing, water skiing, yachting, rugby, polo, golf, tennis, fishing, nightlife. 
- Fresh and delicious food. Uruguayan meat is recognized as one of the best in the world, and the fish is caught and shipped to stores every day 
- The presence of the Uruguayan passport allows visa-free visits to 56 countries, including the entire EU, New Zealand, Japan, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, as well as the right to live and work in the entire Mercosur (Common Market of South America) . 
- Residents of Uruguay do not have to pay tax on income derived from sources outside of Uruguay, if they are on the territory of Uruguay is less than 186 days 
- Here are the offices of all leading banks in Europe, America, Canada and other contributions to the National Bank of Uruguay are still among the most reliable in the world 
- Great attention is paid to the country's environment: there is not no dirty production, no heavy or light engineering, in general, there are no factories, with the exception of a single steel plant on the border with Brazil. But there are a few mountains of cement, cement processing which provides all the neighboring countries. 
- Nearly all residents - descendants of immigrants, immigrants from southern Europe, mainly from Spain, Germany and Italy. 
Real Estate in Uruguay 
Uruguay is called the Latin American Switzerland, as one of the most developed sectors of the economy - is banking. Many Argentines, Americans, Europeans and Latin Americans keep their savings in Uruguayan banks. In Uruguay, you will find the offices and branches of most internationally renowned banks. 
Uruguay the most tranquil and safe country respectively in South America. The population is 98% white - it's immigrants and the descendants of Spaniards, Germans and Italians. 
In Uruguay, home to many retirees from North America and Europe as well as the cost of living is much lower and pensioners can afford a higher quality and standard of living. 
In Uruguay, there is an international resort of Punta del Este, which attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Real Estate in Punta certainly more expensive than in the capital, but when you come and see this green modern city with numerous sandy beaches, you will understand what it's worth it. 
Investments in real estate in Uruguay can produce 8% per annum and above. 
If we add to all this friendly-minded and hospitable people of the country, as well as a wonderful sunny summer, many would agree that Uruguay - is one of the best places on earth for a wonderful holiday! 
Punta del Este 
One of the most popular resorts in Uruguay - Punta del Este is located at the confluence of the R?o de la Plata to the Atlantic Ocean. This city will give every traveler the best beach vacation in immaculate white beaches. 
The city has two beaches: Brava - of ocean beaches, and Mansa - beaches on the river bank. In addition, there are beaches, located on the windy side of the peninsula, perfect for activities such water sports as surfing and windsurfing. On the opposite side of the beaches in a very quiet and calm waters and small waves. Among the tourists are popular beaches of El Tesoro, Montoya, Bikini Beach. The latter is often chosen for their holiday celebrities. 
Hotel services and facilities and developed infrastructure: high-end hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops, which will enjoy a truly relaxing holiday in Ibiza, Uruguay. Local cuisine enjoys special popularity among tourists. Must try the most delicious meat dishes, such as Uruguayan parrilla - various meats cooked over a fire. 
Uruguay enjoys a growing demand from travelers. For example, if the growth of tourist arrivals in 2010 was 15% compared with 2009, it has for the first quarter of 2011 arrived here on 40% more tourists than during the same period a year earlier. 
In this case the statistics do not include 250 000 cruise passengers who visit the main Uruguayan ports of Montevideo and Punta del Este in the same period of time. 
According to the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, the first three months of this year, tourism revenues exceeded one billion dollars, up 59% more of the same indicators in 2010.